First Lessons Dulcimer Book/Audio Set



First Lessons Dulcimer 
by Joyce Ochs 

Product Number: 98388M 
ISBN: 0786650915 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Beginning 
Format: Book/Audio Set

This instruction book for beginning lap dulcimer in DAD tuning is unique in two ways. First, it instructs the beginning student in the increasingly popular DAD tuning. Secondly, the author, a classroom music teacher, has carefully and systematically layered the lessons to guide the student through familiar songs while teaching skills and musical concepts. This not only enables the student to enjoy the lap dulcimer but also enhances total music understanding and participation. The accompanying audio (must be downloaded) provides instructional dialogue and demonstrations of the techniques and songs included in the book. Additional hints and exercises are presented in an inviting and encouraging conversational text. 


Introduction [1:31]
Elements of Music [0:19]
Holding Your Dulcimer
Illustration / Parts of the Dulcimer
Tuning Your Dulcimer to DAD [1:28]
Bass String D [1:02]
Middle String A [0:42]
Melody String D [0:39]
Strumming Across All Your Strings [0:34]
The 6 1/2 Fret
Basic Techniques

Reading Dulcimer Tablature [0:27]
Strumming Note Values [0:42]
Quarter Note Practice [0:35]
Half Note Practice [0:28]
Whole Note Practice [0:47]
Eighth Note Practice [0:37]
Melody [0:53]
D Major Scale [0:42]
Boil Them Cabbage Instruction [0:40]
Boil Them Cabbage Melody [0:58]
Hot Cross Buns Melody [0:41]
Go Tell Aunt Rhody Melody [0:53]

Three Very Friendly Chords/D Chord [0:57]
Basic A Chord Instruction [0:39]
A Chord Practice [1:04]
D Chord/A Chord Exercise [0:41]
G Chord Instruction [0:35]
G Chord Practice [0:26]
D Chord/G Chord Exercise [0:44]
Embellishing Tunes with Chords [0:30]
Boil Them Cabbage w/Chords, Instruction [0:21]
Boll Them Cabbage Practice [0:58]
Boll Them Cabbage w/ Accompaniment [0:38]
Hot Cross Buns Practice [0:41]
Hot Cross Buns w/ Accompaniment [0:41]
Go Tell Aunt Rhody Practice [0:47]
Go Tell Aunt Rhody w/ Accompaniment [0:35]
Merrily We Roll Along Practice [0:46]
Merrily We Roil Along w/ Accompaniment [0:36]
London Bridge Practice [0:39]
London Bridge w/ Accompaniment [0:35]

Dipping Down to the Middle String [0:49]
Dipping Down Exercise [0:30]
Frere Jacque Practice [0:44]
Frere Jacque w/ Accompaniment [0:39]
Skip to My Lou Instruction [0:19]
Skip to My Lou Practice [1:03]
Skip to My Lou w/ Accompaniment [0:58]
Down in the Valley Instruction [0:21]
Down in the Valley Practice [0:59]
Down in the Valley w/ Accompaniment [0:58]
Adding the Dum-diddy Instruction [0:49]
Dum-diddy Practice [0:29]
Three Jolly Fishermen Practice [0:40]
Three Jolly Fishermen w/ Accompaniment [0:35]
Polly Wolly Doodle Practice [1:05]
Polly Wolly Doodle w/ Accompaniment [0:55]
Simple Gifts Instruction [0:15]
Simple Gifts Practice [1:17]
Simple Gifts w/ Accompaniment [1:06]

A New Look and Slightly Different Sound [0:22]
High G Chord Practice [0:49]
Sliding Down the Fretboard
F# Minor Chord Practice [0:34]
E Minor Chord
G/F# Minor/E Minor Slide Practice [0:22]
Kum Ba Ya Instruction [0:17]
Kum Ba Ya Practice [1:00]
Kum Ba Ya w/ Accompaniment [0:51]
This Old Man Practice [0:46]
This Old Man w/ Accompaniment [0:34]
Michael, Row the Boat Ashore Practice [0:47]
Michael, Row the Boat Ashore w/ Accompaniment [0:34]
Oh! Susanna Instruction [0:16]
Oh! Susanna Practice [1:16]
Oh! Susanna w/ Accompaniment [1:05]
When the Saints Go Marching In Practice [1:04]
When the Saints Go Marching In w/ Accompaniment [0:47]
Little Liza Jane Instruction [0:22]
Little Liza Jane Practice [0:51]
Little Liza Jane w/ Accompaniment [0:46]

A Few More Chords [0:37]
The A7 Chord
A7 Chord Practice [0:54]
The E Chord
E Minor Chord Practice [0:32]
The B Minor Chord
B Minor Chord Practice [0:16]
Old Joe Clark Practice [1:04]
Old Joe Clark w/ Accompaniment [0:46]..
Camptown Races Practice [1:28]
Camptown Races w/ Accompaniment [0:57]
Inverting Chords Instruction [0:16]
Inverting Chords Practice [0:34]
Embellishing Our Music With Plucks!
Fingering the Frets (One Last Thing to Think About!)
Amazing Grace Practice [0:53]
Amazing Grace w/ Accompaniment [0:45]
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Practice [1:01]
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot w/ Accompaniment [1:03]
Home On the Range Practice [1:30]
Home On the Range w/ Accompaniment [1:11]
Closing Comments [0:58]

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