Dulcimer Chord Book



Dulcimer Chord Book 
by Neal Hellman

Product Number: 94662 
ISBN: 1562222481 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Multiple Levels 
Format: Book

Over 500 mountain dulcimer chords for the five widely used modes-- Mixolydian, Ionian, Lydian, Dorian, and Aeolian--plus jazz and four-string chromatic tunings. Includes an explanation and history of modes, transpositions, using a capo, playing dulcimer in jam sessions, and more. Special case size.


Using the Chart
The Multi-Modal Method
Using A Capo by Ron Ewing
What Is A Mode?
What Key Is It In?
Double Dulcimer by Robert Force & Albert d'Ossché
Tuning To The Modes
Some Popular Modes

The Chords
Mixolydian Mode
Ionian Mode
Dorian Mode
"Jazz" Tuning
Aeolian Mode
Lydian Mode
Four String Chromatic Tuning by Janita Baker
Chords for Four Separate Strings
Playing Dulcimer In Jam Sessions by Holly Tannen

Fretboard Diagram of Each Mode in the Book
History of the Modes

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