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We realize the importance of pleasing our customers. We are honest and strive to recommend products based on what you need, not what we make the most profit selling. Aside from trying to treat our customers how we like to be treated, we also want to continue our success as a business. Satisfied customers are the most important part of a successful business. We know this and do our best to ensure you become a customer for life. Not just a one time sale. No matter what your skill level or preferred instrument, our goal is to help you succeed at music. Our reward is simple. We earn your business.
Folkmusician is located in Reno, NV at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. It is a picturesque example of the wild west. If you have watched many Westerns or Bonanza (filmed in the area), you can see where much of our inspiration comes from.
Folkmusician was voted one of Music inc. Magazine’s top 10 retailers for 2012 and serves as a consultant to some of the nations most popular brands of instruments.

*Folkmusician stocks hundreds of instruments, however, these instruments are not on display. This means you will not be buying a mandolin (or other instrument) that has been hanging on a wall getting played. This also means, that viewing an instrument in person requires some lead time. We are happy to show instruments by appointment, but will need time to set it up and it may not be realistic to prep more than a few models for you (setups can take 1-2 hours per instrument). 

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