Ivan Dunov Violins

For centuries, violin makers have prized tonewoods from the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. In fact, the great Golden Age Italian violin makers are thought to have especially valued this wood. This means that the Ivan Dunov instruments are made of wood similar to that used by great violin makers like Stradivari and Guarneri! Generations of expert woodsmen have perfected the techniques of harvesting, sectioning, and seasoning these valuable tonewoods so that they yield the best possible tonal results. These exceptional tonewoods are crafted into the four different Ivan Dunov models in a traditional Eastern European workshop. Whatever your budget or playing level, there is an Ivan Dunov for you. 

The tradition in our Ivan Dunov workshop is not limited to the harvesting and seasoning of the wood. Expert hand craftsmanship ensures the beautiful appearance, responsive playability, and outstanding tone of these instruments. From the careful detailing of the scrolls and the custom graduations of tops and backs, to the hand-applied spirit varnish, these instruments bring together the best of traditional European materials and craftsmanship.