Dulcimer A La Mode Book CD Set



Dulcimer a La Mode 
by Lorinda Jones 

Product Number: 20105BCD 
ISBN: 0786664959 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Beginning-Intermediate 
Format: Book/CD Set

Dulcimer a La Mode takes the mystery of out modal tuning and playing for the mountain dulcimer player by presenting four common tunings (DAA, DAG, DAD, and DAC) with instructions for tuning, finding the scales and chords, and learning traditional tunes in each of the four modes. This book will encourage players to retune their instrument and learn more of its versatility. Each tune is presented as a melody with a drone in the mode indicated with strumming and rhythm guides. For most tunes, an optional arrangement or accompaniment is also provided using more complex chords and reflecting more traditional Western harmony. As a further learning tool, the accompanying CD allows the listener to play along with the song as presented in the book.


What is a mode?
Where is a mode?
4 Modes for Dulcimer
How do I retune for each mode?
How to use the charts and symbols in this book
Notes on the Fretboard: Major Tunings
Notes on the Fretboard: Minor Tunings
Note members of the common chords
In both major and minor modes
Ready-made chord options in low, medium, and high positions in 4 tunes

Ready-made chord options in 3 positions
DAA Tuning
DAD Tuning
DAC Tuning
DAG Tuning

Rosewood Casket (Melody)
Rosewood Casket (Optional Arrangement)
Bendemeer's Stream
Bendemeer's Stream (Optional Arrangement)
Careless Love (Melody)
Careless Love (Optional Arrangement)
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton (Melody)
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton (Optional Arrangement)
Burden Down (Melody)
Burden Down (Optional Arrangement)

Cluck Old Hen (Melody)
Cluck Old Hen (Optional Arrangement)
Pretty Polly (Melody)
Pretty Polly (Optional Arrangement)
Scarborough Fair (Melody)
Scarborough Fair (Optional Arrangement)
Drunken Sailor (Melody)
Drunken Sailor (with Optional Accompaniment)
She's Like A Swallow (with Optional Accompaniment)

Hurree, Hooroo (with Optional Accompaniment)
Rock-A-My Soul (Melody)
Rock -A-My soul (with Optional Accompaniment)
Little Maggie (with Optional Accompaniment)
Over the Waterfall (Melody)
Over the Waterfall (with Optional Accompaniment)
June Apple (Melody)
June Apple (Optional Arrangement)

The Butcher Boy (Melody)
The Butcher Boy (with Optional Accompaniment)
Nine Hundred Miles (with Optional Accompaniment)
Wayfarin' Stranger (with Optional Accompaniment)
Bound For the Promised Land (Melody)
Bound For the Promised Land (Optional Arrangement)
Shady Grove (Melody)
Shady Grove (with Optional Accompaniment)

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Note-Strum Equivalents

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