Ovation Mandolin Reviews and Buyers Guide

March 15, 2018

Ovation Mandolin Reviews and Buyers Guide

Ovation Mandolins are back! After a temporary hiatus, Ovation has begun making mandolins again.

You may recall Ovations from the 80's and 90's hair band days. Well, they have still remained popular with giggling musicians that need to amplify. The current offering is the MM68AX Mandolin and comes in three finish options. Ovation started bundling the mandolins with a case as well. This is great, since it was difficult to find a case for an Ovation Mandolin in the past. The unique shape means they do not fit in standard cases.

This shape is another reason, these are nice stage instruments. The body is a round back composite which is very stable and durable. This combined with the spruce top offer an excellent combination of tone and a road worthy build quality.

The main reason you are going to buy an Ovation mandolin is obviously the pickup. If not it should be. These are not the best sounding acoustic mandolin made, but on stage they are in their element. Need to add some mandolin to your high-volume rock band?  Perfect, that is exactly what these are made for. Playing in the Local country music group? Once again, this is the correct tool for the job, or gig in this case.

The MM68AX includes the OP-24+ Preamp.  This has a volume slider, 3 band EQ, S way selectable Midrange shift , a pre-shape circuit, bypass switch and Battery Status light. This is connected to an under-saddle Piezo pickup.

Are Ovations Mandolins good?

Ovation mandolins are perfect for their intended use.If you are looking for authentic acoustic tone, they may not be the ideal mandolin for you. If you need a mandolin that cuts through mix of other electric instruments and also resists feedback, It may be just the ticket! It is also one of the only mandolins that has a  good quality preamp on board.

Where are Ovation mandolins made?

Ovation mandolins are made in China. In the past, models have been made in Korea and the USA as well. It is important to realize, that these are not the same mandolins as Applause, even though they do look very close to one another.

What is the warranty for Ovation Mandolins?

Ovation mandolins have a 5 year Manufacturer's Warranty. This is only valid in North America and covered defects only.

Shape Mandolin Cutaway
Bracing Mando-Quintad
Back Lyrachord® Cutaway
Top Finish Tobacco Sunburst
Epaulet Multi-Soundholes only
Body Top Okoume Feather
Body Binding Ivory with inlaid abalone Binding
Fingerboard Radius 10" radius
Neck Hard Rock Maple
Neck Finish Satin
Frets 17 Frets, 21 for High
Position Inlays Abalone
Scale 13 7/8
Nut Material ABS, 1 3/16"
Electronics OP-24+
Pickup Ovation OCP-1K Pickup
Bridge Ebony
Tuners Die-Cast Sealed Tuners
Machines Ovation Tuners
Hardware Finish Gold
Strings D'Addario Coated
Case Included

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