Best Case for The Loar Mandolin

March 09, 2018

Best Case for The Loar Mandolin

As the largest dealer for The Loar Mandolin, we have had a chance to fit every single model made in various cases. Here is a general guide on what cases are best for The Loar Mandolins.

We will start with The Loar F-Style mandolins.

case for the loar mandolin

Guardian CG-020-MF

All of the F-model The loar mandolins fit in this case. It is one of the lower cost cases and the quality isn't bad. We include this with many of the mandolin we ship. The only real issue with the case is that there is not much clearance for the bridge and the top comes down on it. We consider it acceptable, but if you were buying a case separately, it wouldn't be my first choice. 

guardian the loar mandolin case

Guardian CG-044-MF

This is a nice looking case that has a lot going for it. Despite this, the foam is stiff and ends up not being a great fit for the mandolins. Once again, if you already had one, it works fine, but it would not be among my top choices if I were buying a new case.

guardian tweed mandolin case CG-035-MA

Guardian CG-035-MF

This one is not for everyone, though I love the Tweed look myself. This case is good quality and a nice fit. I have no complaints with this case and it would be among my top picks for an F-style The Loar case.

gator journeyman mandolin case

Gator Journeyman F-style mandolin case.

Like the Tweed case, there is something about the look of this mandolin case that really attracts me. It may not be the best choice for taking camping, or sitting in the dirt. If staining it is not a concern, this is a sharp looking case.

The fit is snug. Not perfect, but more than acceptable. 

superior f-model mandolin case cd-1520

Superior CD-1520 Deluxe Hardshell F Model Case

This is one of my current favorites. The case is well made with thick padding and there is good bridge clearance. Of all the cases listed here, this is possible the best choice for most players.

travelite mandolin case tl-45

Travelite TL-45 Deluxe F-Model Mandolin Case

Now this is a strange one. I have never been in love with the Travelite Mandolin case. The latch falls off (it isn't needed and serves no real purpose), the hygrometer it comes with is not accurate (just ignore it). The little metal feet fall off and it is just a basic foam style case. Despite all of this, it is extremely protective and a favorite among players with high dollar mandolins. There is no other case this protective until you get up in the few hundred dollar range, as in $500-$800. If you can overlook the small issues, it really is a great case. And one of the lowest cost F-model mandolin cases made!

gator mandolin case

Gator Lightweight Mandolin Case

What is it with these foam cases? Here is another one that tops the list of best F-style mandolin cases for the Loar. This is a good fit and highly protective. Exactly what you want in a case, right? There are backpack straps, and big zippered pockets. I know everyone liked wooden cases, but you really need to consider giving the foam style a try. They have a lot going for them!


That about covers the popular choices for the f-model mandolins. Now let's take a look at the best cases for The Loar a-style mandolins. What thing to mention. The A styles do fit in the above cases as well, although most players prefer the shape f the case match the mandolin they pull out. In the case of the foam cases, they would still be excellent choices! 


Guardian Cases CG-020-MA Mandolin Case

Anytime we bundle a case or offer it as an option, this is the one we ship The Laor mandolins in. It is well built and a good fit. It is a flat top case, so the top does come down and touch the bridge. I don't think it is a problem though. As far as this flat top style mandolin case goes, this is the best one I have dealt with. Others tend to be a sloppy fit for the mandolins.

guardian featherweight mandolin case

Guardian CG-010-MA Featherweight Case

I am including this not as a recommendation, but as a warning. This is a popular case, and for some mandolins, it works great. The case is made well enough and is extremely protective. It is just too large for The Loar mandolins. If you have an oversized A-style, it may be just the ticket for you. For any of The labor A-styles, look elsewhere.

golden gate a model mandolin case

Golden Gate C-1521 A-Model Mandolin Case

 This is a good quality case, but like some of the others, it just isn't a good fit. The Loar mandolins will be sloppy in this case.

Superior CD-1521 A Model Mandolin Case

Superior CD-1521 A Model Mandolin Case

Like the F-style version, this is one of my favorite A style cases for The Loar. You have to spend a whole lot more to find a better quality case. There is snug padding, and good clearance for the bridge. This cases costs a little more than some of the others, but it is worth it.


That is it for now.  I might come back and expand on this later. For now, this should get you started in your search for a good The loar mandolin case.



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