Michael Kelly Mandolins Introduction

March 25, 2016

As one of the largest Michael Kelly Mandolin Dealers, we are very familiar with these instruments. I am happy to say that the quality has been steadily increasing and the line is now one of the best deals out there. Some of the features you get with the Michael Kelly mandolins are all solid woods (no laminated plywood anywhere), Grover tuners, Tusq nuts, cast tailpieces (most models), radiused fingerboards (all models except the Festival pack) and double adjustable truss rods. Features like these are not typically found on mandolins costing twice as much, let alone the price of the average Michael Kelly Mandolin. With a wide variety of models and colors it is easy to see why they have become one of our best selling instrument lines. Michael Kelly offers a tremendous value and we are proud to offer them to our customers.

We try to stock at least one of every model in every color. Not to leave a good thing alone, we go through every mandolin and set it up correctly. Give us a call and we can hand pick your new Michael Kelly Mandolin and set it up for you (just the way you request it).

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