Michael Kelly mandolin tailpiece

March 25, 2016

Q: Hi, I am interested in a MK one piece tailpiece in gold for my Dragonfly II. It says they are on order. Are you going to get any more in? Do you have a waiting list? If I were to order one, do you wait for the item to ship to charge my card? Thanks. Jen

 A: Hi Jen,

We try to keep the Michael Kelly cast mandolin tailpieces in stock (we usually have them). If not, it typically means that they are on temporary back-order from Michael Kelly. In cases where we receive orders for something like this that is not in stock, we ship to the customers in the order that orders were received. We do not charge credit cards until the item is ready to ship. We also verify that customers still want us to proceed with the order if 3-4 weeks or more have passed.

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