Diamond Head Ukulele Guide

March 07, 2018

Who makes Diamond Head Ukuleles?

Diamond Head Ukuleles are made by Saga Musical Instruments.

I have the pleasure of calling many of the crew friends. Living within a couple of hours of San Francisco, means I get to see them now and again and talk ukes!

What type of Ukuleles does Diamond Head make?

Diamond Head makes all of the the common sizes of ukulele. These include, soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. If you are looking for a particular tuning, or physical dimension, they have you covered. 

Soprano Ukulele

This is what we might call the standard sized Ukulele. Every model of Diamond head ukulele is available in soprano. In addition to being the most popular size of ukulele, it is also the lowest priced. These are tied GCEA

Concert Ukulele

The next size up from the soprano, the Diamond Head concert ukuleles are tuned the same as the soprano, but offer a slightly larger body size.

Tenor Ukulele

The tenor Diamond Head Ukuleles are the third largest size and again, tuned the same, with one exception. Since the Ukulele is larger, it is common to change to Low G tuning, meaning the top string is larger and tuned one octave below the soprano. The tenor is becoming popular with modern players.

Baritone Ukulele

This is the largest of the Diamond Head ukes. It is tuned DGBE, which is the same as the guitar minus the two bass strings. This makes the Baritone ukulele popular with guitarists. There is virtually no learning curve.

Diamond Head Ukulele Models

Diamond Head has seven series of Ukuleles, so this is going to be a long list! They run the gauntlet from affordable Polychrome and satin series, all the way up to the 400 series models. We will kick it off in reverse order (highest to lowest).

The DU-400 Series

Diamond Head's 400 series includes two models of Ukulele. The DU-400 (soprano) and DU-400C (concert). These are made from quality tonewoods with solid cedar tops that was chosen for a warmer tone. The back and sides are flamed mahogany. The Ukuleles use Grover tuners and are strung with Aquila Nylgut strings. The necks are carved from mahogany and have rosewood fingerboards with abalone fret markers and sound hole rosette. The body is bound with rosewood and maple. The saddle and nut are both made from bone. Lastly, they include a good quality padded soft case.

 The DU-350 Series

The Diamond Head 350 series is made from flamed Acacia wood for the body and mahogany for the neck. These are stunning in appearance, with great tone to match. The black tuner buttons add a nice touch. These are also strung with the Aquila Nylgut strings. There are four versions of the DU-350 Ukuleles. A soprano, Concert, Tenor, and an acoustic Electric Tenor with a  cutaway. All models include a ukulele gig bag.

The DU-250 Series

The DU-250 Ukuleles are made in soprano, concert and tenor. They use select magogany for the body and neck. They have a natural satin finish, guitar style tuners with white buttons, wrap around style bridges. The bodies are bound and there are position markers on the fingerboard. Like the higher models, these come with Nylgut strings by Aquila. Once again, the gig bag is included.

The DU-200 Series

The Diamond Head DU-200 Ukuleles, are very similar to the 250 models. They are still made from mahogany, but not the select grade found on the DU-250. The nut and saddle it made from durable white ABS. There is no binding on the body, and the 250 series adds more size options, five to be exact! Of interest, the tuners are now Gold plated. The sizes are soprano, pineapple soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. The pinnacle and regular soprano are basically the same size of ukulele, with a variation in the body shape. The DU-200T Tenor Ukulele, is strung for LOW-G tuning. Gig bags are included.

The DU-150 Soprano Ukulele

Tere is only one model of Diamond Head DU-150. This is a soprano size uke that uses maple for the body. The body is finished in a brown semi-gloss stain. Geared tuners have white buttons. The ukulele includes a gig bag.

The DU-140 Series

This is a new addition to the line. Like the DU-150, the DU-140 bodies are constructed of maple. The neck is also maple (as on the DU-150). Where this Uke stands out is that Diamond Head went retro with "Hot Rod" colors. This model is available in Candy Apple Red, Champagne Gold, Twilight Blue, Royal Purple, Cadillac Chrome, and most importantly, Bubblegum Pink! If you would like to add some flair to your playing, these will do the trick.  Gig bags are included.

The DU-130 Series

Diamond Head is at it again with their new Vintage Series! This time creating playable works of art. The DU-130 ukuleles have Hawaiian inspired art that is covered with a clear satin finish. They also added an Americana style American Flag for good measure. Choose from American Flag, Palm Tree, Vintage Hawaii and White Floral finishes. Gig bags are included. Perfect for your next luau!

The DU-120 Series

Diamond Head Satin series Ukuleles come in fun pastel colors. There is no reason your student ukulele can't be flashy! These are made with maple and finished in a satin finish. Guitar style ukulele tuners, gig bags and proper soprano sizing with a 346mm scale length. Colors are Lava Brown, Banana Yellow, Peppermint Green, Cornflower Blue, and Flamingo Pink.

The DU-100 Series

Like the DU-120 series, Diamond Head's Polychrome Ukuleles are meant to give a quality uke to those on a budget. The rainbow colors are very attractive to young players and those that are young at heart (you know who you are). Maple body and necks are finished in high gloss colors. The DU-100 featured geared tuners and comes with a gig bag. Colors are Black, Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Violet, Brown, Orange, Green, Blue, White and Turquoise.


There you have it. The entire line of Diamond Head Ukuleles. It would be hard to not find something among all of the models and colors!






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