You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer Book



You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer 
by Madeline Macneil

Product Number: 94304 
ISBN: 0871662663 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Beginning 
Format: Book

Madeline MacNeil's performances are characterized by her effortless vocals and impeccable mountain and hammered dulcimer playing. In this book she reveals some of the secrets of her success with the mountain dulcimer. Early on, she reminds the reader that "the dulcimer is not a toy or a stringed kazoo" but a serious, expressive musical instrument capable of "stretching as far as the imagination". She endorses both playing by ear and learning to read standard notation. In easily-understood language she manages to explore some very complex, even esoteric concepts, making this a particularly valuable book for the beginning instrumentalists. You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer is simply a great fundamental book. Tweleve intensive lessons in 95 pages. Standard notation and tablature. Illustrated with photographs and drawings.



Following a carefully worded introduction, Madeline sets to work in earnest. Section headings include: Exploring the Dulcimer, Dulcimer Problems, Holding the Dulcimer, Tuning, Strumming, Picks, Reading Tablature, Fingering, Picking and Strumming/Fingerstyle Playing, Singing While You Play, Tuning/Retuning and Why, D A D Tuning, Playing While Others Play, Using a Noter, Changing Strings, Interpretation, Harmonics, and Using a Capo.

The balance of the book is directed towards teaching songs that illustrate a musical point the author wishes to make. Extensive performance notes are included for such tunes as: Are You Sleeping, Boil that Cabbage Down, Waterbound, Soldier's Joy, Cripple Creek, John Brown's Dream, Down in the Valley, Ode to Joy, Oh, Susanna, Au Clair de la Lune, Flop-eared Mule, Golden Slippers, Simple Gifts, Amazing Grace, She'll Be Comin 'Round the Mountain, Home on the Range, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Away in a Manger, The Ash Grove, Arkansas Traveler, Shady Grove, Greensleeves, The Willow Song, Goin' to Boston, Bonnie Tyneside, Home on the Range, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Harvest Home, Country Gardens, and others.

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