You Can Teach Yourself Drums Book CD Set



You Can Teach Yourself Drums 
by James Morton 

Product Number: 94495BCD 
ISBN: 0786645172 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Beginning 
Format: Book/CD Set

Drumming made accessible for the complete beginner! This easy to follow book teaches basic drum set percussion concepts progressively, so that if you stick with it, you will have a good foundation upon which to further your musicianship. Four learning tracks are presented in the book: Technique - including the grip, sticking and methods used to achieve musical sounds, as well as the principle of learning good habits from the beginning. Reading - basic reading principles are introduced in this book in logical sequence. Writing - by actually notating the rhythms you find challenging, you'll develop an increasingly intimate awareness of the note and rest values of which they are comprised. Application - after basic principles are introduced, you'll have the opportunity to apply them in a musical context. Includes a CD demonstrating the examples in the book is available. 


Graphic Aides 
Being a Drummer: A Job Description 
How to Hold the Sticks 
Lesson 1: Some Basics 
Lesson 2: Basic Reading 
Lesson 3: Hand and Foot Coordination Exercises 
Lesson 4: Basic Blues (Chart 1) 
Lesson 5: Eighth Notes 
Lesson 6: Hand and Foot Coordination Exercises Using Eighth Notes 
Lesson 7: Eighth Rests 
Lesson 8: Eighth Note Rock Beats 
Lesson 9: Eighth Note Rock (Chart 2) 
Lesson 10: Sixteenth Notes 
Lesson 11: Hand and Foot Coordination Exercises Using Sixteenth Notes 
Lesson 12: Sixteenth Rests 
Lesson 13 Eighth- and Sixteenth -Note Combinations 
Lesson 14: Two-Handed Sixteenth-Note Combinations 
Lesson 15: Sixteenth-Note Rock (Chart 3) 
Lesson 16: Drum Fills 
Lesson 17: Dotted Notes and Ties 
Lesson 18: Sixteenth-Eighth-Sixteenth Combinations 
Lesson 19: Advanced Eighth-Note Rock Beats 
Lesson 20: Accents and Syncopation 
Lesson 21: Medium Funk (Chart 4) 
Lesson 22: Quarter-Note Rock Beats 
Lesson 23: Eighth-Note Triplets 
Lesson 24: Triplet Beats 
Lesson 25: Slow Blues (Chart 5) 
Lesson 26: Shuffle Beats 
Lesson 27: Medium Shuffle (Chart 6) 
Suggestions for Successful Drumming

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