You Can Teach Yourself Drums Book



You Can Teach Yourself Drums 
by James Morton

Product Number: 94495 
ISBN: 1562220330 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Beginning 
Format: Book

Drumming made accessible for the complete beginner! This easy to follow book teaches basic drum set percussion concepts progressively, so that is you stick with it, you will have a good foundation upon which to further build your musicianship. Four learning tracks are presented in the book: Technique- including the grip, sticking, and methods used to achieve musical sounds, as well as the principle of learning good habits from the beginning. Reading-basic reading principles are introduced in this book in logical sequence. Writing-By actually notating the rhythms you find challenging, you'll develop an increasingly intimate awareness of the note and rest values if which they are comprised. Application-after basic principles are introduced, you'll have the opportunity to apply them in musical context. An optional DVD or CD demonstrating the examples in the book is available. 


Graphic Aides 
Being a Drummer: A Job Description 
How to Hold the Sticks 
Lesson 1: Some Basics 
Lesson 2: Basic Reading 
Lesson 3: Hand and Foot Coordination Exercises 
Lesson 4: Basic Blues (Chart 1) 
Lesson 5: Eighth Notes 
Lesson 6: Hand and Foot Coordination Exercises Using Eighth Notes 
Lesson 7: Eighth Rests 
Lesson 8: Eighth Note Rock Beats 
Lesson 9: Eighth Note Rock (Chart 2) 
Lesson 10: Sixteenth Notes 
Lesson 11: Hand and Foot Coordination Exercises Using Sixteenth Notes 
Lesson 12: Sixteenth Rests 
Lesson 13 Eighth- and Sixteenth -Note Combinations 
Lesson 14: Two-Handed Sixteenth-Note Combinations 
Lesson 15: Sixteenth-Note Rock (Chart 3) 
Lesson 16: Drum Fills 
Lesson 17: Dotted Notes and Ties 
Lesson 18: Sixteenth-Eighth-Sixteenth Combinations 
Lesson 19: Advanced Eighth-Note Rock Beats 
Lesson 20: Accents and Syncopation 
Lesson 21: Medium Funk (Chart 4) 
Lesson 22: Quarter-Note Rock Beats 
Lesson 23: Eighth-Note Triplets 
Lesson 24: Triplet Beats 
Lesson 25: Slow Blues (Chart 5) 
Lesson 26: Shuffle Beats 
Lesson 27: Medium Shuffle (Chart 6) 
Suggestions for Successful Drumming


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