You Can Teach Yourself Banjo Book DVD Set



You Can Teach Yourself Banjo 
by Janet Davis 

Product Number: 94429DP 
ISBN: 0786667702 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Beginning 
Format: Book+DVD

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Type: Book

This is the ideal beginner's book, presenting the basics of playing the 5-string banjo is a way that is both fun and produces quick results. Janet Davis takes you on an extensive tour of this instrument's fundamental techniques as well as some intermediate possibilities including rolls, chords, bluegrass banjo techniques, playing up the neck, licks, endings, and other basic information needed to play bluegrass and melodic-style banjo. Thorough performance notes are provided from beginning to end revealing the secrets of this versatile traditional instrument. The companion DVD video is included.



It's Fun
The Banjo
Lesson 1A: Tuning the Banjo
Lesson 1B: Holding the Banjo
Lesson 1C: The Right Hand
Lesson 1D: Picking the Banjo
Lesson 1E: Tablature
Lesson 2: Roll Patterns
The Basic Roll Patterns
Lesson 3: Chords
Lesson 4: Using the Forward-Roll Pattern
The Forward Roll
"Bile Dem Cabbage Down"
Lesson 5: "The Old Gray Goose"
Variation: Using the Pinch
Lesson 6: The Forward-Reverse Roll
"The Old Gray Goose"
Lesson 7: "Worried Man Blues"
Lesson 8: "Mountain Dew"
Lesson 9: The Backward Roll
"Bile Dem Cabbage Down"
Lesson 10: The Mixed Roll
"Good Night Ladies"
Lesson 11: Left-Hand Techniques
The Slide
"Good Night Ladies"
Lesson 12: The Pull-Off
Lesson 13: The Hammer
Lesson 14: "Cripple Creek"
Lesson 15: Melodic Style
"Cripple Creek"
Lesson 16: "Blackberry Blossom"
Lesson 17: "Cumberland Gap"
Lesson 18: Playing Up the Neck
"Cumberland Gap" -- Part B
Lesson 19: Adding an Ending
"Cumberland Gap" -- Part C
Lesson 20: The G Lick
The Right Hand
The Left Hand
Both Hands
"Bile Dem Cabbage Down"
"Wildwood Flower"
Lesson 21: G Lick #2
The Foggy Mountain Lick
The Left Hand
The Right Hand
"Train 45"
Lesson 22: G Lick #3
Pull-Off Lick
"Train 45"
Lesson 23: D Lick #1
The Salty Dog Lick
"Salty Dog"
Lesson 24: Combining Licks
"Sunnyvale Breakdown"
Lesson 25: D Lick #2
Partial D Chord
"Wabash Cannonball"
Lesson 26: D Lick #3
"John Hardy"
Lesson 27: Using Alternate Licks
"John Hardy"
Lesson 28: Up the Neck
The D Lick
"John Hardy"
Lesson 29: Quarter Notes
"Lonesome Road Blues"
Lesson 30: G Lick #4
"Down the Road"
Lesson 3l: "Pig in a Pen"
Lesson 32: G Lick #5
"Sally Goodin'"
Lesson 33: Roll-Pattern Variations
"She'll Be Coming Around the Moutain"
Lesson 34: Harmonics
"Grandfather's Clock"
Lesson 35: Using a Capo
"Old Joe Clark"
Lesson 36: The F Chord
"Little Maggie
Lesson 37: "Old Man at the Mill"
Lesson 38: "Pretty Polly"
Lesson 39: D Lick #4
"Shady Grove"
Lesson 40: Fretting the Fifth String
"Banjo Signal"
Lesson 41: The Choke
"Lonesome Road Blues"
Lesson 42: Melodic Style
What Is a Scale?
Melodic Style?
Lesson 43: The G Major Scale
Lesson 44: Fiddle Tunes
"Devil's Dream"
Lesson 45: "Turkey in the Straw"
Lesson 46: "Blackberry Blossom"
Lesson 47: "Flop Eared Mule"
Lesson 48: "Sugarfoot Rag"
Lesson 49: "Buffalo Gals"
Lesson 50: "Buffalo Gals"
Lesson 51: "Wildwood Flower"
Lesson 52: Chord Positions
The F Position
The D Position
The Barre Position
Just for Fun... More Exercises
Lesson 53: Working from Chord Positions
"Wildwood Flower"
Lesson 54: "Two Little Boys"
Lesson 55: Waltz Time
"Amazing Grace"
Lesson 56: "Silent Night"
Lesson 57: "Home on the Range"
Lesson 58: C Tuning
"Soldier's Joy"
Lesson 59: D Tuning
Chord Charts
  Major Chords
Minor Chords
Locating Chords Without a Chart


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