Travelite F-Model Mandolin Case



How often does a multi thousand dollar mandolin find a home in a low priced foam case? 

When reffering to the Travelite TL-45 Mandolin case, it is more common that you might think.

The majority of customers that purchase these are placing their high dollar mandolins in them. 


If the case is dropped or takes a hard blow, the foam will absorb much of the impact and save the mandolin... It may hurt the case, however this is much better than damaging your mandolin.

In contrast, a wooden hardshell case will transfer much of the shock right to the mandolin.

A foam case provides excellent insulation against temperature fluctuations. When your mandolin goes from a warm home out into a cold winter day, the wood quickly contracts. Not good! A foam case helps slow this process down and gives the mandolin time to slowly adjust.


    • Precision-engineered instrument cavity made of high-grade lightweight material
    • Arched-top construction
    • Full suspension top and body
    • Roomy exterior and interior accessory compartments
    • Neck support and velcro strap
    • Padded, heavy-duty ballistic nylon exterior cover
    • Plush velour interior
    • Luggage grade nylon zipper
    • Velcro strap closure
    • Back-pack straps
    • Sturdy hinges
    • Underhandle latch with key
    • Durable metal feet on horizontal and vertical axis for versatile storage
Now with built-in Hygrometer.

    A really nice mandolin case for your favorite instrument. You will be very pleased with the value of this case. The Travelite Mandolin case is a quality product at a great price!

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