The Violinists Guide to Fiddling Book



The Violinist's Guide to Fiddling 
by Mark Weeg

Product Number: 97194 
ISBN: 0786658258 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Beginning-Intermediate 
Format: Book

Not your typical fiddle-tune book, these tunes range from variations of regular tunes to obscure Scottish polkas, classical duets, gypsy fiddle tunes, Cajun tunes and even two or three original tunes, with many in third and fifth position. Uncompromising care was taken in the transcription of these pieces, and virtually nothing was simplified. There are several classical piano pieces trimmed down to violin solos and duets, Americana, and even the author’s own variations on “Carnival of Venice.” Included is an extensive section on playing back-up fiddle to another instrument, dwelling on chord patterns, double-stops, bowing patterns, “shuffles,” and all manner of accompaniment, and all fiddle tunes have chord symbols included. 


Song Title:

A Cajun Fiddle Tune  
Allen's Reel (Alan's Reel)  
Alvin Yardley Tune  
Amazing Grace  
Arkansas Traveller  
Arthur Seat  
Bach Invention XIII  
Bach Invention XIV  
Banks of the Ohio  
Big John McNeill  
Blackberry Blossoms  
Blackberry Quadrille  
Bodie McCaffrey  
Bride's Reel  
Carnie's Canter  
Carnival of Venice  
Clarinet Polka  
Country-Style Hoedown  
Cregthorne Schottische  
Da Grocer  
Demonstration Rag  
Deurmyer Trepak  
Devil's Dream  
Diggy Liggi Li  
Drunken Billy Goat  
Duo Chromatique  
Durham's Reel  
East Neuk O'Fife  
Eugene Stratton  
Happy Go Lucky Hornpipe  
Harvest Home (Hornpipe with Variations)  
J. Scott Skinner Medley  
Jenny Lind Polka  
Jessie Polka  
John Reading's Graduation Reel  
Jolie Blonde  
Lord Gordon's Reel (Michael Coleman's Version)  
Louis' Waltz  
Lucania Polka  
Maple Leaf Rag  
Mark Weeg's Reel  
Mason's Apron (Sean McGuire's Version)  
Miss Drummond of Perth's Favorite Scotch Measure  
Moonlight Clog  
My Brother's Letter  
Newcastle Hornpipe  
Red Wing  
Robert Cormack  
Rover's Fancy  
Rupert Fain's Haggis  
Sailor's Hornpipe  
Salt Creek  
She's Big, She's Small  
Sir Borman Waltz  
Slocklit LIght  
Smith O'Couster  
Star of County Down  
Strathspey in Eb  
Tea Gardens  
Teenager Waltz  
The New One  
The Old Rugged Cross  
Three Waltzes  
Un Cnoc Cein Mhic Cainte  
Up Jumped the Devil  
What a Friend We Have in Jesus  
Whiskey Before Breakfast  
Wildwood Flower  

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