The Skye Collection of the Best Reels and Strathspeys Book



The Skye Collection of the Best Reels and Strathspeys 
by Keith Norman MacDonald 

Product Number: B041 
ISBN: 0786665106 
Publisher: Scott's Highland Services 
Difficulty Level: Beginning-Intermediate 
Format: Book

The famous Skye Collection, which first appeared in 1887 and was later reprinted in a smaller edition, has been out of print for many years. The title page indicates that it included "the best Reels & Strathspeys extant embracing over four hundred tunes collected from all the best sources, compiled and arranged for violin and piano by Keith Norman Macdonald." It is hoped that this new edition, which includes all the tunes from the earlier first and second editions, will meet the demand from Scottish music enthusiasts to have available again one of the outstanding collections of original airs. Many of the tunes are originally for bagpipe, but all of the tunes have been presented here in piano arrangements with melody and accompaniment. Violinists or fiddlers, pipers, or other melody instruments may double the melody. The original compiler's 1887 preface is also included, which provides insights into the sources and proper interpretation of the tunes. 


Aberdeenshire Volunteers
Aberlour's Squeeze
Alasdair Macalister
Athole Brose
Athole Cummers (see foot note)
Athole's Honest Men
Ayrshire Lasses
Ben Lomond
Birk Hall
Blairnanes Rant
Bog an Lochan
Brechin Castle
Burn O'Cairnie
Caillich Odhar
Caillich Oidhche
Cameron's got his Wife again
Captain Gillans
Casag Lachdunn Ruairdh Ruaidh
Castle Spynie
Ca' the Stirks frae out the Corn
Cawdor Fair
Ceres Green
Clach na Cudain
Colonel Fraser of Knocky
Countess of Dalhousie
Craigaillichie Bridge
Craig O'Barns
Cutting Ferns
Daintie Davie
Delvin Side
Don Side
Dr. Keith, Aberdeen
Dr. MacDonald's Compliments to J. S. Skinner
Duke of Cumberland
Dunie Mains
Dunnottar Castle
Earl of Home
Fanny Farquharson
Farewell to Whisky
Francis Sitwell
Garey Cottage
Garthland House
George the IV. (see King G. IV.)
Gillie Callum
Glen Ryan's Rant
Greig's Strathspey
Harvest Home
Haughs of Cromdale
Highland Whisky
Hilton Lodge
Honourable Mr. Ramsay Maule's Strathspey
Inverary Castle
Jeanie's Doll is dressed again (Strathspey or Schottische)
John of Badenyon
Johnny Pringle
John Roy Stewart
King George IV
Kiss the Lass ye like Best
Lads of Tain
Lady Ann Hope
Lady Baird
Lady Binning
Lady Bromes
Lady Caroline Montague
Lady Charlotte Campbell's Medley
Lady Elizabeth Lindsay
Lady Georgina Gordon
Lady Gwyder
Lady Jemima Johnstone
Lady Loudon
Lady Louisa Cornwallis' Strathspey
Lady Lucy Ramsay
Lady Mackenzie of Seaforth
Lady Madelina Palmer
Lady Madelina Sinclair
Lady Mary Ramsay
Lady Shaftesbury
Lala since the Queen's come
Lassie, look before you
Lennox's Love to Blantyre
Lieut.-Colonel Baillie of Leys
Link him, Doddie
Lord Alexander Gordon
Lord Blantyre
Lord Lovat's Welcome
Lord Lyndoch
Lord Macdonald
Lord Macdonald
Lord Ramsay
Lord Seaforth
Madam Frederick
Marchioness of Huntly
Marmeel Rant
Marnock's Strathspey
Master Reginald MacDonald
Miller of Drone
Miss Ann Stewart
Miss Dale
Miss Drummond of Perth
Miss Erskine of Torry
Miss Jane Stewart (see foot note)
Miss Jane Stewart, Pittyvinch (see foot note)
Miss Lucy Campbell
Miss Lyall
Miss Margaret Graeme of Inchbrackie
Miss Margaret Mackeracher
Miss Maule's
Miss Oliphant
Miss Robertson of Tullybelton
Miss Sitwell
Miss Stewart of Grantully
Miss Stewart's Strathspey
Money Musk (Pipe Set)
Money Musk, Sir Archd. Grant of
Mr. Alexander Cunningham
Mr. Alexander Munro's favourite
Mr. Gordon of Halihead
Mr. Graham of Orchills
Mr. John Shaw Stewart's
Mr. Martin's Compliments to Dr. Keith MacDonald
Mr. Moores
Mr. Murray
Mr. Robertson of Lude
Mr. Thomas Forbes
Mrs. Adie
Mrs. Chisholm
Mrs. Dingwall of Brockly's Strathspey
Mrs. Ferguson of Raith's
Mrs. Fleming of Moness
Mrs. Forbes of Boharms' Strathspey
Mrs. Garden of Troup
Mrs. Gillies
Mrs. Haswell
Mrs. Henry Lumsden of Tillwhilly
Mrs. Keith MacDonald
Mrs. MacDouwal Grant (See Solos)
Mrs. MacInroy of Lude
Mrs. Mackinnon Corry
Mrs. Macleod of Elleanreachd
Mrs. Menzies of Culdares
Mrs. Moray of Abercairney
Mrs. Mossman
Mrs. Robertson, Grishornish
Mrs. Ross
Mrs. Stewart Fleming of Killichassie
Mrs. Wright
My Wife's a wanton wee thing
Nathaniel Gow (See Solos)
Neil Gow's Strathspey
Neil Gow's Wife
North Bridge of Edinburgh
Orange and Blue (Strathspey or Jig)
Parish of Dalmailing
Perthshire Volunteers
Peter Baillie
Porst Mhor lain I'c Eachinn (Strathspey or Reel)
Rothiemurcus' Rant
Sandy King
Sandy MacDonald's Favourite
Sir Alexander Don
Sir Archibald Dunbar
Stirling Castle
Stool of Repentence
Struan Robertson's Rant
The Auld Road to Towie (see footnote)
The Banks of Clyde
The Banks of Garry
The Beauty of the North
The Bog of Gight
The Bonny Toun o' Kenmore (see foot-note)
The Braes of Mar
The Braes of Mar (Old Set)
The Braes of Tullymet
The Brig of Ballater
The Caledonian Hunt
The Chorus Jig
The Cock of the North
The Countess of Haddington
The Countess of Rothes
The Doctor
The Duchess of Athole's Favourite (see Solos)
The Duchess of Athole's Slipper
The Duchess of Bedford (see Solos)
The Duchess of Buccleuch
The Duchess of Gordon
The Duchess of Hamilton
The Duchess of Manchester (see Lady Georgina Gordon)
The Duchess' Slipper
The Duke of Gordon's Birthday
The Earl of Fife's Fireside
The Falls of Divach
The Fiddich-side Lasses
The Fir Tree
The Fisher's Rant
The Futterat wi' the Grey Tail
The Fyket
The Gordons
The Gordon's hae the Girding o't
The Highlanders March from the Battle of Waterloo (see footnote)
The Highlander's Farewell to Ireland
The Highland Society of London
The Highlands of Banffshire
The Honourable Lady Fraser of Lovat
The Honourable Mrs. Drummond of Perth
The Lorn Strathspey
The Marchioness of Huntly
The Marquis of Huntly's Farewell
The Marquis of Huntly
The Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling
The Miller o' Hirn
The Miller's Daughter
The Miller's Man
The New Rigged Ship (see Jigs)
The North of the Grampians
The Red Coat
The red-haired Girl of Tulloch
The Seaforth Highlanders
The Smith's a Gallant Fireman
The Source of Spey
The St. Kilda Wedding
The Tweedale Club
The Yetts of Muckart
Thorn Bush
Tigh Eachainn
Urquhart Castle
Wee Willie's Strathspey
Welcome Whisky back again

Aberarder Rant
A Hundred Years Since
An gabh Thu Bean Dhoi'll bhig
A Mhisg a chuir an Nollaig Oirnn
Annie is my Darling
Appin House
Archie Brown
Argyle Bowling Green
As, a Thòiseach!
Athole's Bonnie Lasses
Athole Brose
Athole House
Because he was a Bonnie Lad
Biodag aig Mac Alasdair
Biodag aig Mac Thomais
Black but comely
Blue Bonnets over the Border
Bonnie Annie
Braes of Auchtertyre
Borlum's Rant
Brown's Reel
Caber Féidh
Cadgers of Canongate
Caillach Liath Rasar
Captain Byng
Captain Keeler
Captain MacDuff
Carnie's Canter
Christmas Carousing
Chuir glùn air à bhodach
Clydesdale Lasses
Coirsdan Mhor
Colonel MacBain
Colonel Thornton
Comely Garden
Cutty Sark
Daldowny's Reel
Deil amang the Tailors
Delvin House
Dogs bite chapmen
Donald MacGugan's Rant
Double Kisses
Duncan on the Plainstones
Dunse Dings a'
Earl of Breadalbane's Hermitage
Earl of Dalkeith
Earl of Hyndsford
Earl Marischal
Fhear Nan Casun Caola
Fair Fa the Minstrel
Fife Hunt
Fight about the fireside
Fill the Stoup
Flora MacDonald
Foot it, Fealty
General MacDonald
General Wemyss of Wemyss
Geordy Macleish
George IV's Welcome to Scotland
Glen Lyon's Piper
Greig's Pipes
Green Grow the Rashes, O
Hatton Burn, or Tarbolton Lodge
High Road to Linton
Hoch! Hey! Johnny lad
Honourable Mrs. Maule's
Hopetown House (see foot note)
I'll gang nae mair to yon toun
Inverey's Rant
Isle of Skye
It's no aye for want of health, O
I winna gae to bed
Jenny Bowser
Jenny Dang the Weaver
Jenny Nettles
John MacEachinn's Big Tune
Johnny made a Waddin' o't
Jenny's Bawbee
Keep the Country, Bonnie Lassie
Kilcoy Castle
Kissing is the best of a'
Kiss me Sweetly
Lady Anderson
Lady Charlotte Campbell's
Lady Charlotte Gordon
Lady Down
Lady Frances Somerset's
Lady Georgina Campbell
Lady Georgina Russell
Lady Grace Douglas
Lady Hamilton
Lady Harriet Hope
Lady Jane Neville
Lady Jemima Cornwallis
Lady Madelina Sinclair's Birthday
Lady Mary Hope Vere
Lady Mary Stopford
Lady Montgomery
Lady Muir Mackenzie
Lamberton Races
Lassies like nae Brandy
Loch Earn
Lochiel's awa' to France
Lord Dalhousie
Lord Kinneard
Lord MacDonald's
Lord Ramsay
Lothian Lasses
Macalister wears a Dirk
MacIntosh of Macintosh
Malcolm dare not move
Mary Kitty
Mason's Apron
Master Andrew Grant
Miss Annie MacKinnon
Miss Ann Stewart
Miss Betsy Robertson
Miss Campbell of Menzies
Miss Campbell's
Miss Charters
Miss Cruickshank's Reel
Miss Dumbreck
Miss Dumbreck
Miss Fogo
Miss Grant of Cullen House
Miss Henny Mackenzie
Miss Jane Fraser
Miss Jane MacInnes
Miss Jessie Dalrymple
Miss Johnstone
Miss Mackay
Miss MacPherson's Reel
Miss Nisbet of Dirleton
Miss Nisbet of Dirleton
Miss Rattray
Miss Rose of Tarlogie
Miss Sophia Duff Stewart's Favourite
Miss Stewart, Bun Rannoch
Miss Stewart of Grantully
Miss Stewart Robertson of Edradynate
Miss Stewart's
Miss Susan Gordon
Miss Verie Hay
Miss Watt's Reel
Miss Wedderburn (see foot-note)
Moy Hall
Mr. Joseph Banks
Mr. Menzies of Culdares
Mrs. Brown of Linkwood
Mrs. Campbell of Lochnell
Mrs. Colonel Baillie of Red Castle
Mrs. Crawford of Donside
Mrs. Dundas of Arniston
Mrs. Douglas Moncrieff
Mrs. Fraser's Reel
Mrs. General Campbell
Mrs. Hamilton of Wishaw
Mrs. Linley
Mrs. L. Stewart of the Island of Java
Mrs. MacDonald, Ord
Mrs. MacDonald, Skeabost
Mrs. MacInroy of Lude
Mrs. MacLeod, Raasay
Mrs. Moray of Abercairney
Mrs. Moray of Abercairney
Mrs. Rachael Gibson
Mrs. Wilson
Muilean dubh
Mùr Ossian
Muschats Cairn
Neil Roy
New Christmas, or The Bass Reel
Nighean dubh nan Geala chas
North of the Tay
Nuair bha mi fein 'nam Mhaidun
Null thar nan Eileanun; or, Over the Isles to America
Orchill House
0, she's comical
Ossian's Hall
Pease Strae
Peggy Menzies
Perth Assembly
Porst an Righ (see foot-note)
Porst Mhor Iain Ic Eachinn (Strathspey or Reel)
Pretty Pegg
Rachael Rae
Rachael Rae's Mother
Reel of Tulloch
Romp among the whins
Sandy MacDonald's
Sleepy Maggy
Speed the plough
Sweet Molly
Steer the gill
Taighean Geala Sheildag Talisker
Tarbolton Lodge (see foot note)
Theàrlaich! nan tigeadh tu
The Auld Wheel
The Black-haired Lad
The Black Shepherdess
The Back of the Change House
The Bob of Fettercairn
The Bogannach
The Bridge of Inver
The Bridge of Perth
The Brig of Tilt
The Burnt
The Caledonian Hunt
The Cameronian's Rant
The Countess of Sutherland
The Chorus Jig
The Countess of Sutherland
The Drummer
The Earl of Eglinton
The Fairy Dance
The Flagon
The Fochaber's Rant
The Forfar Hunt
The Fyket
The Glen where my love is
The Graceful Move
The Granite City
The Grey Old Lady of Raasay
The Haggis
The Highlandman kissed his Mother
The Honourable Colonel Wemyss
The House of Letterfourie
The Hurdle Race
The King's Gun
The King's Reel
The King's Tune (see foot-note)
The Lasses O Ballantrae
The Lasses of Stewarton
The Lea Rig
The Marquis of Tullybardine
The Miser
The Nine Point Coggie
The Novelty
The Oyster. Wife's Rant
The Perrie Werrie
The Perthshire Hunt
The Rejected Lover
The Smith of Killiechassie
The Soldier's Joy
The Stewart Rant
The Swallow
The Wind that Shakes the Barley
This is no my ain house
Timour, the Tartar
Torry Burn
Welcome, Charlie Stewart
When I was a Maiden

Aldivalloch, or "O'er the Muir," &c
A Skye Air
Blue Bonnets over the Border
Bothwell Castle
Caledonia's Wail for Neil Gow, Her Favourite Minstrel
Caller Herring
Down the Burn, Davie Lad
Good Wife admit the Wanderer
Huntley's Wedding Medley
Inverness Gathering
Johnny Galbraith
Lady Anne Wharton Duff's
Lady Charlotte Durham
Lady Isabella Wemyss
Loch Erroch Side
Lord Moira
MacCrimmon's Lament
MacGriogair a Ruaro
Marchioness of Tullybardine
Master Pinto
Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff
Miss Sutherland Gunn
Mr. Abel Banks
Mr. Marshall's Compliments to Neil Gow
Mr. Marshall's Favourite
Mr. Martin's Compliments to Dr. MacDonald
Mrs. MacDouwal Grant
Mrs. Scott Skinner
My Heart is broke since thy departure
Nathaniel Gow
Neil Gow's Compliments to Mr. Marshall
Neil Gow's Lamentation for James Moray of Abercairney
New Claret
Our Highland Queen
Prince Charlie's Welcome to the Isle of Skye
Stirlingshire Militia
Strathglass House
That's how I spent the winter
The Bonnie Lass o' Bonaccord
The Duchess of Athole's Favourite
The Duchess of Bedford's
The Highlands of Banffshire
The Irish Girl
The Maids of Arrochar
The Marchioness of Tullybardine
The Shakin's o' the Pocky
The Shieling in the Braes of Rannoch

East Neuk of Fife
Flowers of Edinburgh
Haste to the Wedding
Kenmore Lads
Rory o' More
Sir Roger de Coverley
The Bottom of the Punchbowl
The Haymakers
The Triumph
The White Cockade
What's a' the Steer

Blanchard's Hornpipe
College Hornpipe
Harvest Home Hornpipe
Jack a Tar Hornpipe
Liverpool Hornpipe 
Miss Gayton's Hornpipe
Sailor's Hornpipe
The Quayside
The Steamboat
West's Hornpipe
Victoria Hornpipe

Johnny M'Gill
Lads in the Kilt
Lady Nelly Wemyss
Lord Dreghorn's Quickstep
Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston
Off she goes
Paddy O'Carroll
Teviot Bridge
The Drover Lads
The Highway to Dublin

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