Saga Style III 5 String Banjo



The Saga Style III features a rim design inspired by the instruments of William Lange in the early 1900s and the banjos produced by the Ode Banjo Company in the 1960s. Saga introduced this unique flathead design in the late 1970s, incorporating a cast hard-alloy rim with an integral, buttressed tone ring. The result is an amazing clarity of tone in all registers as well as the quick attack and rapid decay that pickers expect in a professional quality flathead banjo. The P-11 heavy-duty, grooved, tension hoop is machined from solid brass, polished, and triple nickel-plated. This design has stood the test of time, having been first used on the Mastertone Banjos of the Gibson Mandolin Guitar Company of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Saga Style III Banjo was designed for the advanced student or professional.

  • One-piece solid cast rim with Integral Flathead tone ring
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • Two-piece resonator flange plate
  • Nickel-plated brass parts
  • Mahogany neck and resonator
  • Saga 4:1 ratio planetary tuners
  • 13-5/8” diameter resonator
  • Fully setup in our shop prior to shipment.

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