Rover RM-50 Mandolin



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Folkmusician is best known for the extensive setup work performed on the new mandolins we sell. Unfortunately, our setup is very labor intensive and adds significantly to the cost. If you have someone to do the setup work, you can save some money and buy the mandolin here:

It is a known fact that solid wood instruments improve with age. As moisture and resins dissipate they become louder and more responsive each day. That is why this all-solid Rover RM-50 is the ideal first mandolin that could very well become a companion for life.

  • Solid carved arched spruce top
  • Solid carved maple back and sides
  • Nickel-plated hardware
  • GHS Strings
  • Nickel silver frets
  • Slimmer f holes
  • Better bridge
  • Dyed maple fingerboard
  • Fully setup in our shop
  • Mandolin Setup

    Learn about the additional work performed on this mandolin.
    To read about our mandolin setup, click here: 

    Mandolin Setup  (performed by Folkmusician)

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