Roosebeck Mountain Dulcimer DMHRT4 4-String



This mountain dulcimer is crafted in the classic hourglass shape. The sides, back, peg box, and fretboard are solid rosewood. The European spruce soundboard has attractive F-hole shaped sound holes. There are 18 frets (yes, it does have the 6 1/2 and the 13 1/2 frets) and 4 steel strings with mechanical gear tuners that have a 1:14 ratio. A pick and noter are included. Many tunings will work, but we recommend the traditional DAD to makes it easy to pick up and play. The fretboard is 1.25 inches wide. The scale length, nut to bridge, is 25.2 inches. The overall dimensions are 33 inches in length by 7.5 inches in width by 3.25 inches in height (including bridge). The depth of the body without the bridge is 2 inches. Special Note: The strings put on the instruments in our workshop, while playable, are put through some rigorous testing. They should probably be replaced for improved playability, sound quality, and better tuning shortly after you receive the instrument. We recommend using Roosebeck branded strings.

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