Radius Mandolin Pickup - Installed Internal

LR Baggs


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We can install a Radius Mandolin Pickup in any of our mandolins. This price includes the Radius Pickup and Internal installation. This price is only good for installation on new mandolins purchased from Folkmusician. Add $10 for a gold plated endpin cover.

*Mandolins with optional work such as pickup installation are not eligible for the standard Folkmusician return policy.

Developed primarily by Bo Radis, transducer department manager, with an assist by Micah Marquettthe the Radius pickup is a small wonder. It was developed primarily for the mandolin but may be used successfully on many other smaller high voiced instruments, including the violin.

At the heart of the transducer is a highly flexible beam with a .004" thin film sensor, similar to mic diaphragm material, attached to it's surface. The beam is held in equilibrium and damped by another LR Baggs innovation - opposing Neodymium magnets. The sensor floats between the magnets and is not bogged down in viscous fluid or clamped between elastomeric pads, so it is completely free to respond instantly to the smallest nuance without artifact or coloration. Also, the magnets are tuned to progressively damp the sensor and respond naturally to the dynamics of the instrument.

The frequnecy response is linear, silky smooth and accurate with an astonishing natural and effortless sound. Unlike most soundboard transducers, the Radius is also very tolerant to placement and works well in a variety of locations. The output of the device is quite strong which allows passive use with a normal length cord without a preamp into most acoustic amps. The case is injection molded of a non-resonant conductive ABS material developed in collaboration with a respected plastics manufacturer. The CAD designed case acts like a vault for the transducer insuring ultra quiet operation.

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