Palatino VA-450 Allegro Viola Outfit



This outfit has the features teachers want, at a price anyone can afford. The viola is fitted with ebony pegs and includes four square shaft fine tuners. These features make the viola easy to tune, a necessity for beginners. The outfit comes in a hardshell case and includes an ebony frog bow with genuine Mongolian horsehair.
  • Ebony Pegs
  • Hand Carved Solid Spruce Top
  • Hand Carved Solid Maple Back, Sides, and Neck
  • Inlaid Purfling
  • Four Square Shaft Fine Tuners
  • Grade-A Ebony Fingerboard
  • Mongolian Horsehair Bow
  • Black Suspension Case with
  • Available sizes: 16", 15", 14", 13"

Collections: Accessories, All Instruments, Violas

Category: Instrument, Viola

Type: Viola

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