Old Time Fiddle Solos Book



Old Time Fiddle Solos 
by Mel Bay 

Product Number: 93449 
ISBN: 0871668807 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Intermediate 
Format: Book

Intermediate-level solos based on 68 fiddling favorites of reels, jigs, hornpipes and all styles of barn-dance tunes is not only interesting and fascinating, it is also very beneficial for the development of technique. As technique studies, in their respective grades, these barn-dance tunes are in a class by themselves. Excellent repertoire. Guitar chords included. 


Song Title:

Arkansas Traveler  
Big Chief  
Billy In The Lowland  
Break Your Neck  
Broken Chord Jig  
Buckwheat Batter  
Buffalo Girls  
By - Gone Days Waltz  
By The Fire - Side  
Captain Jinks  
Chicken In The Hay  
Chicken Stampede  
Durang's Hornpipe, Or Wobble Gears  
Fiddling Phil  
Finger Schottsche  
Fisher's Hornpipe  
Garry Owen  
Give The Fiddler A Dram  
Grape - Vine Twist  
Happy Day Hornpipe  
Happy Jack  
Haste To The Wedding  
Hi - Lo Schottische  
Home Waltz  
Illinois Cotillion  
Keep A Whettin' On The Point  
Knocking At The Door  
Larry O Gaff  
Lauterbach Waltz  
Lazy Kate  
Leather Breeches  
Little Brown Jug Schottische  
Log Cabin Waltz  
Mississippi Sawyer  
Money Musk  
Murphy's Bird  
Nine Miles  
North Star Schottische  
Ocean Waves  
Old Rosin The Beau  
Old Sport  
Old Zip Coon, Or Turkey In The Straw  
Opera Reel  
Peek - A - Boo Waltz  
Raccoon's Tail  
Rambler Hornpipe  
Rickett's Hornpipe  
Rye Whiskey Waltz  
Sailor's, Or College Hornpipe  
Sally Goodin'  
Snyder's Clock  
Speed The Plough  
Stranger At The Door  
Sugar In The Gourd, Or Indiana Hoe - Down  
The Big - Eared Mule  
The Butcher's Dog  
The Clucking Hen  
The Devil's Dream  
The Double Shuffle  
The Hen Cackle  
The Iron Wooden Shovel  
The Lost Indian  
The Wagoner  
The White Cockade  
The Wild Goose On The Ocean  
Thunder Hornpipe  
Uncle Joe  
Yonder She Goes

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