Morgan Monroe Mandolin A Vintage



Morgan Monroe produced a limited run of this hand carved Oval Hole model with a brushed varnish finish. First and foremost, this mandolin is not for everyone. Some players will love the look, some will hate it. It is very rough. The final detail sanding was not done. The finish is brushed on and left at that. No attempt was made to make this look good. That said, there is something very attractive about it.

This is a great sounding mandolin. Morgan Monroe nailed that tubby oval hole tone with this. The mandolin is carved and graduated from all solid woods. This is graduated quite well for a mandolin at this price point, and it shows with a very responsive top. The finish is a traditional varnish (hand applied).

We did our typical bridge modifications/refitting, complete fret job and setup. What good is improved tone, if the mandolin doesn't play great?

The mandolin is made from solid woods throughout. The top is spruce, the back, sides and neck are all flamed maple. The fingerboard is ebony and bridge is Indian Rosewood. There is a cast tailpiece.

Includes a wooden hardshell case and lifetime warranty.

Limited edition Morgan Monroe Oval hole mandolin with a hand applied oil varnish. If you are interested, don't wait long!

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