Morgan Monroe Mandolin A-Model Natural



A no frills mandolin with impressive features, including all solid woods, cast tailpiece, dovetail neckjoint and an extended ebony fingerboard. The M-A1 has chrome hardware and a satin finish.

The guys at Morgan Monroe have been busy. We are seeing very nice improvements in workmanship and tone on their mandolins. Of course we are still doing all the additional work to these here in our shop and it does make a noticeably better mandolin.

The all solid spruce and mahogany combination give the M-A1 a darker tone. This mandolin also has an ebony bridge.


  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Solid Mahogany Back and Sides
  • Ebony Fretboard
  • Dovetail Neck Joint
  • Extended Scooped Fingerboard
  • Cast Tailpiece
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty
  • Hard Case included
  • Made in China

    Additional work performed in the Folkmusician shop:


  • Truss rod is adjusted.
  • Fretboard is leveled so that the string height may be lowered without buzzing.
  • Nut is filed to lower the string height and insure the strings fit correctly (very important).
  • Bridge work is done as needed to assure proper string height and eliminate buzzing.
  • Bridge is positioned so that the mandolin has proper intonation and plays in tune.
  • String grooves are properly fit to the string and lubricated with graphite to eliminate buzz and reduce string breakage.
  • Tailpiece receives work (as needed), to prevent buzzing.
  • Tuners are lubricated to help them turn smoothly.
  • Instrument is tuned and played before making any final adjustments.

    These steps take up a great deal of time and require the mandolin to be restrung and tested multiple times while the work is being performed.
    This is what sets our mandolins apart from those purchased from elsewhere. Even though the mandolin may be the same model, our version will have an improvement in playability and tone. This is often the difference between a virtually unplayable instrument and a mandolin that is a joy to own.

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