Kentucky Mandolin KM-630



Kentucky has upgraded the latest KM-630 mandolins with solid maple back and sides for improved tone (previous KM-630 mandolins used laminated back and sides). There is also a new fingerboard extension.

The other specs have stayed the same. All solid woods combined with a thinly graduated top and nitrocellulose finish make for a lot of bang for the buck. The mandolin goes through our setup process assuring that it will play great and sound its best!

A quality solid top F-Model mandolin at an affordable price. Kentucky's KM-630 is a great place to start your journey.

*This model is now discontinued. There were several versions made over the years and the last ones were the nicest of the bunch. The nearest current model is the KM-650, but like the KM-630, there have been changes and you only want the latest ones or a very old one.  This equates to an 80's model or 2017 or newer. There was a version available from approx. 2010-2013, that was not the same quality as the new one.  Disregard any reviews of these years. There was a complete redesign and it no longer applies.

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