Kentucky KM-151 Mandolin - 2nd



Another one from our rack of project instruments that are waiting to be worked on...

This is a Kentucky KM-151 2nd. It had the start of a seem separation on the back that was glued and some black stain applied. Repair appears solid, but still needs to be sanded and buffed (and could use another round of black touchup).

Plays well as is, but would benefit from additional setup work. The frets are rough and could use a dressing (the same condition it would be in if purchased new from a big box dealer).

The KM-151 is a black version of the KM-150. Aside from color, these are the same mandolin.


A common question asked is if we can setup the discounted 2nds for an additional fee. Unfortunately, the setup takes a good deal of time and defeats the whole purpose of clearing these out at the discounted prices.  Because these are sold at a loss, we are not able to offset the setup cost and need to sell as is.  :)

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