Irish Fiddle Solos 64 Pieces for Violin Book CD Set



Irish Fiddle Solos 
64 Pieces for Violin 
by Pete Cooper 

Product Number: 20919BCD 
ISBN: 0786627891 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Intermediate 
Format: Book/CD Set

This collection includes many favourite Irish fiddle tunes. Some are easy to play, others more challenging. The bowing techniques, ornamentation and other aspects of playing style summarized in the introduction will be familiar to readers of Pete’s earlier book, the Complete Irish Fiddle Player, as will source musicians like Julia Clifford, Tommy Peoples, Lucy Farr, John Doherty and Padraig O’Keeffe. Here though, instead of proceeding in ‘fiddle method’ style from simpler to more complex tunes, regional repertoire and styles are explored. Grouped in sets for performance, the tunes from any one tradition can be of varying levels of difficulty. Less experienced players may find sets 5, 6 and 29, for example, quite approachable, as well as the first reel in set 14 and the second single jig in set 15. All tunes included on companion CD.


Song Title:

Airs: Coming Home 
Airs: Coulin 
Airs: Fanny Power 
Airs: Lament For O'Donnell 
Airs: Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill 
Airs: Michael O'Connor 
Airs: Paddy's Rambles Through the Park 
Airs: Princess Royal 
Double Jigs: Trip to Sligo 
Double Jigs: Bank of Turf 
Double Jigs: Cliffs of Moher 
Double Jigs: Coach Road to Sligo 
Double Jigs: Coleman's Cross 
Double Jigs: Donnybrook Fair 
Double Jigs: Humours of Ennistymon 
Double Jigs: Kilfenora Jig 
Double Jigs: Tom Billy's Favourite 
Double Jigs: Wandering Minstrel 
Germans: Francie Mooney's 
Germans: Roise Bheag Roise Moire's 
Hornpipes: Galway Bay Hornpipe 
Hornpipes: Home Brew 
Hornpipes: Julia Clifford's 
Hornpipes: McGivney's Hornpipe 
Hornpipes: Plains of Boyle 
Hornpipes: Sean Healey's 
Polkas: Ballydesmond Polka Nr. 3 
Polkas: Ballyhoura Mountains 
Polkas: Gullane Polka 
Polkas: Knocknaboul Polka 
Polkas: Lucy Farr's Polka 
Polkas: Toormore Polka Nr. 1 
Polkas: Toormore Polka Nr. 2 
Reels: Andy Davy's 
Reels: Boys of Malin 
Reels: Christmas Eve 
Reels: Craig's Pipes 
Reels: Dinkey's Reel 
Reels: Farewell To Miltown 
Reels: Fergal O'Gara 
Reels: Fermoy Lasses 
Reels: Flogging Reel 
Reels: Glory Reel 
Reels: Gravel Walks 
Reels: Green Fields of Ros Beigh 
Reels: Martin Wynne's No. 1 
Reels: No. 2 
Reels: No. 3 
Reels: Oak Tree 
Reels: Over the Moor to Maggie 
Reels: Porthole of the Kelp 
Reels: Pullet & the Cock 
Reels: Sligo Maid 
Reels: Star of Munster 
Reels: Swinging on the Gate 
Single Jig or Slide: Dan O'Keeffe's Nr. 1 
Single Jig or Slide: Dan O'Keeffe's Nr. 2 
Single Jig or Slide: Lonesome Jig 
Single Jig or Slide: Music on the Wind 
Single Jig or Slide: Nell O'Sullivan's 
Single Jig or Slide: Scully Casey's 
Slip Jigs: Dusty Miller 
Slip Jigs: Fig for a Kiss 
Slip Jigs: O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick

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