Grandpa Jones 5-String Banjo Book



Grandpa Jones 5-String Banjo 
by Mark Jones 

Product Number: 99957 
ISBN: 0786667079 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Beginning-Intermediate 
Format: Book

Learn from the best. Grandpa Jones was a country music legend and a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. He was very well known and respected for his own style of clawhammer banjo. The instructions are helpful for the beginner, with tips on caring for your banjo to keep it sounding its best. The text covers tunings, chord diagrams, and the right hand rhythm patterns that made Grandpa Jones famous with the 5-string banjo. For the intermediate musician, there are alternate tunings, drop thumb rhythm, and exercises for practicing your new skills. Included are several favorite songs, along with lyrics and chords for your accompanist. The preface of the book, written by Grandpa Jones, along with the collection of personal photographs, makes this an excellent keepsake as well. This is simply a must for your music library. 


Fingerboard and Diagram Explanations
Helpful Suggestions
Notes on Picking the 5-String Banjo
Hand Positions
How to Tune the Banjo by Ear
Chords Used in the Key of A
Keeping Good Time and Exercises for Picking
Bile Dem Cabbage Down
How to Tune the Banjo by Ear (D Tuning)
Chords Used in the Key of D
Ring De Banjo (D Tuning)
How to Tune the Banjo by Ear (G or C Tuning)
Chords Used in the Key of G
Golden Slippers (G and C Tuning)
Chords Used in the Key of C
Oh! Susanna (G and C Tuning)
Transposing Chart
Old Joe Clark (Solo) A Tuning
Pretty Little Pink (A Tuning)
Darby's Ram (D Tuning)
Camptown Races (D Tuning)
Crawdad Song (G and C Tuning)
Mark Jones

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