Folk Songs of Old Kentucky Dulcimer Book



Folk Songs of Old Kentucky 
selected & arranged by Ralph Lee Smith by Madeline MacNeil 

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This book provides 20 beautiful Anglo-American folk songs, field-collected by two remarkable real-life "song catchers," Josephine McGill and Loraine Wyman, in the Cumberland Mountains of Kentucky in 1914 and 1916. Josephine and Loraine, the latter accompanied by Howard Brockway, a composer and arranger, were among the first persons to search for folk songs in the Southern Appalachians. The musical adventurers traveled hundreds of miles on horseback and on foot through an inaccessible world to which radios, roads and cars had not yet come. They made friends in isolated log cabins, and transcribed some 200 song treasures, some of which they published in complex arrangements in books that are now out of print and rare. This book contains a selection of the songs, presented with simplified musical notation, guitar chords, and dulcimer tablature. It also includes glowing \accounts of their mountain adventures, published by Josephine and Howard in long-forgotten publications; a must for all lovers of American folk music.


Chapter 1: Two Song Catchers in the Cumberland Mountains

A Movie Song Catcher and Two Real Song Catchers
Josephine's Journey
Loraine's and Howard's Journey
Hindman and Pine Mountain Settlement Schools
"Uncle Ed" Thomas, Pioneer Dulcimer Maker of the Cumberlands
Putting This Book Together

Chapter 2: Josephine's Journey

Josephine McGill: Early Song Catcher in the Cumberlands, by Ralph Lee Smith

By Josephine McGill:
A. Title Page and Preface to Folk-Songs of the Kentucky Mountains, 1917
B. "The Kentucky Mountain Dulcimer," The Musician, January 1917
C. "Following Music in a Mountain Land," The Musical Quarterly, No. 3, 1917

Chapter 3: Loraine's Journey

Loraine Wyman: Early Song Catcher and Urban Folk Singer, by Ralph Lee Smith

By Loraine Wyman: 
A. Title Page and Preface to Lonesome Tunes: Folk Songs from the Kentucky 
Mountains, 1917
B. Preface to Twenty Kentucky Mountain Songs, 1920

By Howard Brockway: 
"The Quest of the Lonesome Tunes," The Art World, June 1917

The Songs

Madeline's and Ralph's Treatment of the Songs
Little Sparrow
Barbara Allen
Frog Went a-Courting
As I Walked Out
Sweetheart in the Army
Charming Beauty Bright
John Riley
The Lonesome Scenes of Winter
The Cherry Tree Carol
The Lady and the Glove
The Barnyard Song
Her Cheek is Like Some Blooming Red Rose
Noah's Ark
The Cuckoo, First Version
The Cuckoo, Second Version
Loving Hannah
Fair Nottiman Town
Sourwood Mountain
The Inquisitive Lover
Peggy Walker

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