First Lessons Blues Harmonica Book CD Set



First Lessons Blues Harmonica 
by David Barrett 

Product Number: 20180BCD 
ISBN: 0786668105 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Beginning 
Format: Book/CD Set

An exciting beginning blues harmonica course! The ideas presented are solidly in the blues tradition with great sounding bluesy licks to play, even at the beginning level! Topics include Phrasing Concepts (how small pieces of music, called licks, are organized to create a pleasing solo), 12 Bar Blues Theory, Vibrato, Shakes, and Tongue Blocking. The recording includes all of the harmonica parts notated in the book with accompaniment. This book and its recording use a C major diatonic harmonica. 

• Ideas presented solidly in the blues tradition. • Phrasing concepts, 12 Bar Blues Theory, Shakes, Tongue Blocking. • Uses C major diatonic harp. • Companion CD included.


Material Needed 
A Word from the Author 
About the Author 

Section 1 - Getting Started 
Placing Your Lips on the Harmonica 
Holding the Harmonica 
Understanding Notated Music 
Understanding the Harmonica

Section 2 - Chugging and Swing 
Chugging and Swing Examples 2.1-2.6

Section 3 - Understanding the Blues 
12 Bar Blues Progression 
12 Bar Blues & Swing Examples3.4-3.6 
Feeling 12 Bar Blues & Single Note Horn Lines 
Throat Vibrato

Section 4 - AAA Verse Form, Licks & Songs 
Examples 4.1-4.6 
Song Examples 4.7-4.9

Section 5 - AAB Verse Form, Licks & Songs 
Dip Bend 
Examples 5.1-5.6 
Song Examples 5.7-5.9

Section 6 - AAA & AAB Verse Forms with Fills 
Two Hole Shake 
Examples 6.1-6.6 
Song Examples 6.7-6.8

Section 7 - A B/A C Verse Form, Licks & Songs 
Mixing Melody Line with Chording Examples 7.1-7.2 
Examples 7.3-7.4 
Song Examples 7.5-7.6 
Song Example 7.7

Section 8 - Full Instrumental Example 
Big Mama's Jelly

Section 9 - Tongue Blocking 
Tongue Blocking Example 9.1

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