Cremona Ebony Student Violin Outfit



Like the SV-150, the SV-175 allows a player to get started on a quality instrument, without breaking the bank. A Brazilwood bow and oblong case complete the package.

All of our violins meet or exceed MENC Specification. What sets this student violin apart is simply the price point. The MENC specifications are really two parts. First the violins construction and secondly the adjustments made by the dealer.

The SV-130 violin outfit is made with a solid spruce top, solid maple back and sides, a solid maple neck, alloy fine tuner tailpiece, ebony fingerboard, ebony pegs, ebony chinrest and an ebony endpin.

The case is a good quality featherweight design with suspension (suspends the violin to help absorb shock). The case includes straps that can be configured for over the shoulder or back-pack style carrying. There is an accessory compartment, dual bow holders and an outside pocket.

The Bow uses a Brazilwood stick with an ebony frog and unbleached horsehair.

As experienced players and teachers will tell you, the setup is the most important part of a student violin. At Folkmusician we adjust all of our violins to MENC standards. Each peg is fit to its hole to assure stable tuning, the fingerboard is correctly shaped, the bridge is properly fit and shaped, the sound post is adjusted, the string height at the nut is adjusted, and the tailpiece is checked. Cremona value, along with great setup work at an attractive price. Only at Folkmusician!

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