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Picking up where Volume 1 left off, in this video you will learn to capo up to D tuning, review the basics of the Double Thumb Pony, then head off into the banjo world by learning to drop thumb, hammer-on, pull-off, and slide your way into the Full Blown Pony. Just as in Volume 1, you are guided through the chords, the scale, and then the individual notes of the tune as well as each of the techniques that make Old Time Southern Appalachian clawhammer banjo music as exciting as you have heard. Each technique is taught, then applied to the tune and repeated in easily learnable segments. This video even gives you a chance to play banjo with the fiddle and guitar just like in a real jam session. Booklet included.

About the Actor

Dan Levenson is a modern day troubadour in the truest sense of the word. A full time musician, Dan travels the country with banjo, fiddle and guitar singing songs and telling stories while clogging to the rhythms of his Southern Appalachian roots. Dan is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native who now makes his home with his wife Jennifer in Galia County in the Appalachian region of Southern Ohio. Dan's parents were Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania natives as well and they raised him with the music he has come to perform. His father, Fred, called dances and his mother, Naomi, played piano, guitar, and sang in several musical groups in the Pittsburgh area. They even met at a square dance! He has been touring nationally some 16 years now. In that time he has become a well known artist of the Appalachian style fiddle and old time clawhammer banjo. His stage show combines fiddle, banjo, guitar, dance and song in a storytelling format to tell the story of life in rural Appalachia and life on the roads of America via the music of our country. He is an accomplished and dynamic fiddler who has taught himself to fiddle and clog at the same time--a real treat to see! Audience participation and occasional guest performers figure strongly in his shows and children won't let themselves be left out of the fun!

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