Beginner Violin Theory For Children Book One



Beginner Violin Theory For Children, Book One 
by Melanie Smith

Product Number: 20296 
ISBN: 0786670878 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Beginning 
Format: Book

This book is designed as a workbook to teach theory specifically relevant to the violin at a level that is attainable and challenging, yet fun for young children. It is intended to build confidence and solidify the relationship between theory and playing. Children will enjoy the drawing and coloring activities in the book, while developing the fundamentals of violin theory at the same time. The book can be used to teach beginners the basics of theory, or even to refresh musicians who might need a small review of violin theory. No matter who uses this book, it will give a strong foundation to violin theory, and through this understanding will foster a greater love of playing. Concepts covered in this book include: learning the parts of the violin; learning about line and space notes; learning musical symbols; and how to draw music. 


Learning about the parts of the violin
Learning to draw notes
Learning about spaces and line notes
Adding Stems To Notes
Drawing Notes on Lines & Spaces
     proper shape
     proper stem placement
     changing direction of stem
Learning Musical Symbols

Drawing Treble Clefs
Note Recognition
     whole note
     half note
     quarter note
     eighth note
     sixteenth note
Drawing Different Notes

Drawing Music
     treble clefs
     notes on lines & spaces
Learning Note Timing
     whole note
     half note
     quarter note
     eighth note
     sixteenth note
Learning Rest Values
     whole rest
     half rest
     quarter rest
     eighth rest
     sixteenth rest


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