Baritone Uke Chords Book



A catalog of baritone uke chords in photo/diagram form grouped by type. Major, minor, seventh, diminished, augmented, and ninth chords are all shown in all keys in fretboard photos and diagrams. Major seventh, minor seventh, sixth, minor sixth, seventh augmented fifth, and seventh diminished fifth chords are shown in diagram form only. Also includes helpful photos and information on the correct way to hold the baritone ukulele and the pick, and on tuning the baritone uke. This book may also be used with the tenor ukulele in D-G-B-E tuning.


Index of Chords
The Correct Way to Hold the Baritone Baritone Uke
The Pick
The Left Hand
The Fingerboard
Tuning the Baritone Uke
The Major Chords
The Minor Chords
The Seventh Chords
The Diminished Chords
The Augmented Chords
The Sixth Chords
The Ninth Chords
The Major Seventh Chords
The Minor Seventh Chords
The Sixth Chords
The Minor Sixth Chords
The Seventh Augmented Fifth
The Seventh Diminished Fifth


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