A Banjo Players Guide to Jamming Book CD Set



A Banjo Player's Guide to Jamming 
by Carl Yaffey 

Product Number: 99708BCD 
ISBN: 078666049X 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Beginning-Intermediate 
Format: Book/CD Set

If you can play a few tunes on the bluegrass banjo but haven't played much with others (or at all), this book will show you what you need to know to sit in on a hot jam session. Geared toward beginner and intermediate players, this book covers playing chords, including which ones to play and when to play them. You'll also discover how jam sessions work and how to act in a session, along with advice on practicing at home. The included CD contains nine tunes performed at a typical jam session. The music is on the left channel with dialog about the tunes such as the name, the key, and the chord progression on the right. 


About the Author
Anatomy of a Jam Session
The Minimum Set of Chords for Jamming
Minor and Seventh Chords
Using Chords in a Jam Session
The Right Hand
Jamming Etiquette
About the CD
Appendix 1 - Playing and Practicing Chords
Appendix 2 - Some Typical Guitar Chords

Key of G
Key of A
Key of C
Key of D
Appendix 3 - Resources
Appendix 4 - Some Rules for Jamming
Appendix 5 - CD Tunes
Hot Corn, Cold Corn
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
Nine Pound Hammer
John Henry
Two Little Boys
Columbus Stockade Blues
Down the Road
Little Maggie
John Hardy


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