Cremona SV-140 Violin Outfit



At the top of Cremona’s Maestro Series is a recreation of the legendary “Hellier” Strad. The “Hellier” is the most famous of Antonio Stradivari’s inlaid violins. Originally purchased by Sir Samuel Hellier in the early 18th century directly from the Master, the instrument eventually passed to the ownership of Mr. H.E. Morriss. Mr. Morriss was the owner and editor of The North China Daily News, an English language newspaper published in Shanghai prior to World War II. In the late 1930s, Mr. Morriss returned for a visit to England and brought the “Hellier” with him. Prior to his return to China in 1939, England’s premier violin shop, W.E. Hill & Sons, warned Morriss against bringing the violin back to the Far East due to the instability of the times: Shanghai had fallen into Japanese hands. After the surrender of the Japanese Army in 1945, civil war continued in China. Morriss saw all of his possessions confiscated by the revolutionary functionaries of Mao Zedong and put on display as “plunder.” Mr. Morriss passed away in the late 1940s; the “Hellier” went to his heirs. The original “Hellier” is presently in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. In addition to century old top material, the new Cremona SV-1800 “Hellier’s“ details include a finely-figured, onepiece back and replicate inlays of mastadon ivory and ebony. The “Hellier” is but one of eleven models recreated by Cremona Violins based upon instruments crafted 300 years ago in the workshops of northern Italy. Features:
  • Extra-choice, 100+ year old, hand-carved and graduated, solid Spruce top
  • Deeply figured, 100+ year old, hand-carved one-piece, solid Maple back with matching sides and back
  • Delicate, "Lozenge and Circle" purfling
  • Outstanding edge work
  • Hand-applied and rubbed oil varnish finish which gives the instrument a dark brown finish
  • Dark, yellow-accented, Hill-style Boxwood fittings
  • Ornamental, inlaid, scroll and ribs
  • Mastodon ivory nut and saddle
  • Best quality Ebony fingerboard and saddle
  • 3-star Cremona bridge
  • Perlon strings
  • VP-15 (1) finetuner
  • Sacconi-style tailpiece hanger
  • Removable fittings shipped in case pocket to protect finish during transport
  • Deluxe, oblong, suspension case
  • Available sizes: 4/4

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