Tune Tech TT-5 Clip on Mandolin Tuner

Tune Tech


Ok, so this is not specifically a Mandolin tuner, but it does work quite well for the mandolin. In this case, you use "violin" mode, which is the same tuning as the mandolin.

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The Tune Tech TT-5 tuner is a chromatic clip on vibration tuner that can be used to tune just about any stringed instrument! The bright easy to read LED screen locks in quickly and makes tuning your instrument easy! Great for tuning guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, violins, bass, banjos & just about any handheld stringed instrument! 360 degree swivel makes it easy to place and adjust for the perfect view to keep you in tune!

  • Fully Chromatic Tuner - can be used to tune any stringed instrument
  • used to tune : guitars, bass, ukulele, violin, mandolin & banjo
  • Bright easy to read backlit LED screen
  • Clip on design with vibration sensor, works in loud environments
  • 360 degree swivel


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