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Sandro Luciano


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The first thing you notice when you pick up the Sandro Luciano Fiddle is the wonderful flaming and overall quality of the woods. It is not so easy to come by properly aged tone-woods with good grain and this much flaming. The Fiddle is finished in a golden brown varnish and fitted with Boxwood or Ebony fittings (sorry no choice). While pleasing to the eye, we are mostly concerned with the tone and response of the fiddle and this one does not disappoint. The fiddle exhibits good projection while maintaining warmth. We set this up for fiddling with a lower profile bridge (French Despiau Superior) and Dominant Perlon strings. The outfit includes a carbon fiber bow and a wooden oblong suspension case with all the features a pro fiddler needs, such as a string tube, four bow holders, and a hygrometer. D'Addario rosin is also included. <p>Consider this a reward to yourself. You've earned it!

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