The Loar LM-600-VS Mandolin

The Loar



Item includes:

  • The Loar LM-600-VS Mandolin
  • The Loar Case

An interesting fact, that is not common knowledge. The LM-600-VS was the very first mandolin made in The Loar Hand-Carved workshop. They spent approximately one year of testing designs before finalizing on the carving and graduation.  When the first versions hit players hands, the response was overwhelmingly positive. These early models set a new benchmark for affordable F-style mandolins and have only improved from there.

While the current LM-600-VS mandolin is basically the same instrument as the original, there have been some refinements. The most obvious is the headstock inlay, but there have been a few small changes to the neck profile, and general improvements throughout. Some of the early models were rough in the fit and finish. While these latest mandolins are not perfect, they are quite good for the price point.

I can't drop names, but we regularly get referrals from some well know players that recommend these to people. We have even sold some that are being played in bands who's name you would recognize.

Folkmusician is proud to have been a part of the evolution of The Loar LM-600 Mandolin. We were there from the start and have remained very close to those involved with the brand. 

Hand-carved and graduated from solid select tonewoods and featuring a lightweight nitrocellulose finish for incredible projection, The Loar’s outstanding new all-solid mandolin is an accurate replica of the original 1920’s F5-style model.

The Loar Hand-Carved Mandolin (LM-600-VS) is an instrument you have to hear to believe. The hand-buffed tobacco sunburst finish with nitrocellulose lacquer provides a vintage sheen and an authentic pre-war-style bark that will impress even the most avid vintage purist.

This professional model also features a solid hand-carved spruce top, solid hand-carved highly-flamed maple back and sides, a one-piece maple neck with rounded ‘V’ profile, bound ebony fretboard and an abalone and mother-of-pearl custom flower pot headstock inlay.


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