Eastman MD605 Mandolin - Blem



Actual Mandolin Pictured. This is a new Blem. The Blem is finish related at the neck joint and binding (see pics). There are no signs of a problem with the joint or anything coming apart. It looks like things have settled and the Nitrocellulose has cracked.


This is not a second and the Mandolin is covered under the lifetime warranty.  We are including a case that has a little gap at the back when closed (see images). If you don't mind the flaws, you can own a 605 with a pickup for the same price as a lower model. 

Aside from the blems, the mandolin is new and will be fully setup. This mandolin has the Schertler Reso-Coil Pickup installed.



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Mandolin Setup

Learn about the additional work performed on this mandolin.
To read about our mandolin setup, click here: 

Mandolin Setup  (performed by Folkmusician)

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