Cremona Ebony Student Violin Outfit



Like the SV-150, the SV-175 allows a player to get started on a quality instrument, without breaking the bank. A Brazilwood bow and oblong case complete the package.

All of our violins meet or exceed MENC Specification. What sets this student violin apart is simply the price point.

The SV-175 violin outfit is made with a solid spruce top, solid maple back and sides, a solid maple neck, alloy fine tuner tailpiece, ebony fingerboard, ebony pegs, ebony chinrest and an ebony endpin.

The case is a good quality featherweight design with suspension (suspends the violin to help absorb shock). The case includes straps that can be configured for over the shoulder or back-pack style carrying. There is an accessory compartment, dual bow holders and an outside pocket.

The Bow uses a Brazilwood stick with an ebony frog and unbleached horsehair.

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