Technical Studies for Beginning Violin Book



Technical Studies for Beginning Violin 
by Craig Duncan 

Product Number: 94559 
ISBN: 1562221647 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Beginning 
Format: Book

Presents much needed repertoire on the A,E,D, and G strings in the keys of A,D, and G, in addition to providing a wealth of finger strengthening and dexterity-building studies. Ideal Suzuki supplement. This edition in the Building Excellence Series presents a carefully graded progression of 85 short exercises divided into 18 lessons on technique, including duet playing. Includes photos of proper finger positions and artwork which will help keep the interest of the student and helps indicate progress. Each lesson also includes helpful, easy-to-understand explanation of musical principles. 


Building Block 1: Notes on the A String 
Building Block 2: Notes on the E String 
Building Block 3: The Key Signature - Key of A 
Building Block 4: Notes on the D String 
Building Block 5: The Key of D 
Building Block 6: Notes on the G String 
Building Block 7: The Key of G 
Building Block 8: Low Second Finger 
Building Block 9: High and Low Second Finger 
Building Block 10: Key of D - High 2 on A and Low 2 on E 
Building Block 11: Key of G - Low 2 on A and E, High 2 on G and D 
Building Block 12: High Third Finger 
Building Block 13: High and Low Third Finger 
Building Block 14: More High and Low Third Finger 
Building Block 15: Key of A - All Strings 
Building Block 16: Key of D - All Strings 
Building Block 17: Key of G - All Strings 
Building Block18: Team Building

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