Pro Fiddle Outift



Our Pro Fiddle outfit was made with the performing musician in mind. Someone that needs a good sounding stage instrument for performance in a wide range of conditions, be it an outdoor bluegrass festival, church group, country/rock bar band, or anywhere good reliable fiddle tone is required.

Master made from properly aged fine spruce and maple. Each instrument is crafted by a single master maker. Care is taken to graduate the thickness of the top and back resulting in a responsive instrument with great tone. The fiddle is fitted with geared tuning pegs, ebony fingerboard, ebony end pin, ebony chinrest and strung with D'Addario Fiddle strings. Included is a quality Pernambuco Bow with horsehair, a Pro-grade wooden oblong case (with hygrometer) and D'Addario rosin. Instrument is entirely handmade and finished in a hand rubbed varnish.

Geared tuners were chosen to ensure quick accurate tuning and eliminate the problems associated with traditional friction pegs such as slippage due to temperature and humidity changes. The geared pegs feature a 4:1 ratio that eliminated the need for fine tuners on the tailpiece. Not only do they bring fiddle tuning into the modern world, these also improve the instrument's tone as well. Best of all, they look just like traditional ebony pegs. Once you try these, you will never want to deal with standard fiddle tuning pegs again!

*Note: We have specifically set this fiddle up to have a sharper voice that will cut through a group. It is well suited for playing on stage with a band. As a result, it can sound a little harsh when played by itself. This is not your ideal instrument for playing classical pieces.

The bridge is cut for fiddling with a flatter profile and lower string height.

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