Fiddle Club Volume 1 Book



The Fiddle Club Collection 1 
by Dean Marshall & John Crozman 

Product Number: 99733 
ISBN: 0786660376 
Publisher: Swath Publishing 
Difficulty Level: Beginning 
Format: Book

The Fiddle Club is an educational series of books and recording each featuring a unique collection of traditional and original folk tunes. It provides a valuable resource of fiddle tunes for anyone interested in this style of music. The authors, music instructors, included various markings (bar numbers, fingerings, and bowings) which are helpful in teaching, especially in group situations. Several of the tunes in this first collection include parts for two violins. The tunes in this book have been recorded by the Calgary Fiddlers and are available on CD. In the recording, the tunes have been grouped into medleys which follow the order of the book. For those individuals who would like to perform this material, a piano and guitar accompaniment edition is available for each collection. 



Song Title:


Angus Campbell
Arkansas Traveller
Barn Dance Schottische (Violin 1) Arranged By Dean Marshall
Barn Dance Schottische (Violin 2) Arranged By Dean Marshall
Big Wig Jig Dean Marshall
Billy Wilson's Clog
Black Velvet Waltz (Violin 1)
Black Velvet Waltz (Violin 2)
Blackberry Blossom
Blind Man's Reel
Blue Bells Of Scotland (Violin 1)
Blue Bells Of Scotland (Violin 2)
Blue Bells Of Scotland (Violin 3)
Boil Them Cabbage Down
Bonnie Bell Schottische
Bowing The Strings Ned Landry
Cadeau's Jig
Cape Breton Jig Medley
Country Waltz (Violin 1)
Country Waltz (Violin 2)
Cripple Creek
Devil's Dream
Down Yonder
Four String Polka
Garnet's Tune (Violin 1) Ivan Hicks; Arranged By Dean Marshall
Garnet's Tune (Violin 2) Ivan Hicks; Arranged By Dean Marshall
Heel And Toe Polka (Violin 1) Arranged By Dean Marshall
Heel And Toe Polka (Violin 2) Arranged By Dean Marshall
Heel And Toe Polka (Violin 3) Arranged By Dean Marshall
Johnny Wagoner's
Joys Of Wedlock (Violin 1)
Joys Of Wedlock (Violin 2)
Judy's Reel (Maid Behind The Bar)
Londonderry Air - Danny Boy (Violin 1)
Londonderry Air - Danny Boy (Violin 2)
Molly's Waltz (Violin 1) Arranged By Dean Marshall
Molly's Waltz (Violin 2) Arranged By Dean Marshall
Old French (Rambler's Hornpipe)
On The Road To Boston & Liberty Two-Steo (Violin 2
On The Road To Boston & Liberty Two-Step (Violin 1
Rakes Of Kildare
Red Wing
Shannon Waltz
Short Bow Jig (Violin 1) Dean Marshall
Short Bow Jig (Violin 2) Dean Marshall
The Frost Is All Over Dean Marshall
The Girl I Left Behind Me Dean Marshall
Uncle Henry's Reel Dean Marshall
Waltz Quadrille Dean Marshall
Whalen's Breakdown Dean Marshall


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