A Hundred Favorite Fiddle Tunes Book



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A Hundred Favorite Fiddle Tunes 
selected, edited and compiled by Bill Guest 

Product Number: 93730 
ISBN: 0871669226 
Publisher: Mel Bay Pub., Inc. 
Difficulty Level: Intermediate 
Format: Book

One hundred great fiddle solos and duets on reels, waltzes, jigs, hornpipes, two-steps, breakdowns, clogs, and schottisches by well-known Canadian fiddle Bill Guest. This book was compiled mainly for the violin student who is interested in learning to play old-time fiddle music. Suggested bowings are marked in some tunes. Chord symbols are included for accompaniment. 



Song Title:


Baddeck Reel Bill Guest
Banks Of Newfoundland
Bay Of Fundy Reel Bill Guest
Beaux Of Oak Hill
Big John Mcneil
Bowin' The Fiddle Bill Guest
Caledonia Jig
Canadian Lancers
Cape Breton Jig
Cape Islander Jig Bill Guest
Captain White
Cold Harbour Jig Bill Guest
Coldstream Jig Bill Guest
Davie Taylor
Devil's Dream Arr: Bill Guest
Dianne's Delight Bill Guest
Dominion Reel Bill Guest
Durang's Hornpipe
Elizabethan Schottische Bill Guest
Falling Off A Log
Farmer's Jamboree
Father O'flynn
Father's Reel Bill Guest
Fiddler's Three
Fiddler's Two-Step Bill Guest
Fisher's Hornpipe
Flowers Of Edinburgh
Fred Wilson's Clog
Garden View Waltz Bill Guest
Georgian Bay Jig Bill Guest
Green Mountain Boy
Gypsy Mood Bill Guest
Haste To The Wedding
Jamie Hardie
Jerome's Farewell
Jessica Waltz
Jock Tamson's Hornpipe
Kiley's Reel
Lady Gardiner's Reel
Lamplighter's Hornpipe
Lassie Art Thou Sleeping Yet?
Life In The Finland Woods
Linda's Schottische
Liverpool Hornpipe
Mississippi Sawyer
Month Of May Reel
Morag Of Dunvegan Arr: Bill Guest
Morning Star Waltz Bill Guest
Mosquito On The Iceberg Bill Guest
Mountain Hornpipe
New York Hornpipe
Off She Goes
Paddy Whack
Parrsboro Stomp Arr: Bill Guest
Pendulum Waltz Bill Guest
Petite Shannon Bill Guest
Pine Bud Jig Bill Guest
Rambler's Hornpipe
Reefer's Hornpipe
Shannon's Fancy Bill Guest
Smash The Window
St. Anne's Reel
Staten Island
Strathbrook Schottische
Sue's Waltz Bill Guest
The Anniversary Schottische
The Blue Star Hornpipe Bill Guest
The Cowboy's Reel Bill Guest
The Dashing White Sergeant
The Donegal Jig
The Dumphrie's House
The Easy Way Bill Guest
The Fairy Dance
The Fiddler's Reel Bill Guest
The French Minuet
The Gladstone Waltz
The Golden Wedding Reel
The Growling Old Man & Old Woman
The Halfpenny Reel
The Highland Schottische Bill Guest
The London Hornpipe
The Money Musk
The New Brunswick Hop Bill Guest
The Old Man And The Old Woman
The Old Red Barn
The Prairie Schottische
The Red Haired Boy (Little Beggar Man)
The Rustic Jig
The Stack Of Barley
The Tableau Clog
The White Mountains Bill Guest
Walking Up Town
Waltz Of The Bluejay Bill Guest
Waltz Quadrille Bill Guest
Warm Stuff Bill Guest
Whalen's Breakdown Bill Guest
White Cockade Bill Guest


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