The Rogue RM-100 has an almost cult like following. The popularity of this model is crazy. Odds are, it is the world's best selling mandolin. Why would this be? Well, not due to the outstanding tone, or perfect fit and finish.  Because that is not how we would describe it. It is based on the price of course. And the price is pretty amazing for a serviceable mandolin. Keep in mind, these are not exactly well playing instruments out of the box. They need some serious setup work. Once that has been done, you will have a playable mandolin that costs less than an average dinner for two.  We would not suggest buying this if you are not able to do the setup work. This is only a great deal if you can do this work yourself.  

We do not sell this mandolin directly, but offer the suggestion to check it out if you are up for the  "some assembly required".

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